Safest Way to Lose Weight for the Beach


If you are not happy with the way you look in the mirror you need to take action if you want to see results. Our body is a reflection of our lifestyle so if we are overweight it is a clear sign that we are not getting enough exercise or eating properly.  In order to get the body we want we need tackle the weight problem straight from the source.

Why We Become Fat in the First Place

Some people don’t like hearing or reading the word “fat” but there is nothing wrong with being fat provided you deal with the problem. Contrary to the politically correct vocabulary out there fat is not curvy but a medical condition that if left untreated could lead to a series of health complications. When you get your health under control not only will you look better but you will actually feel better. 

While the tone of this conversation may sound harsh this tough love talk is necessary if you want to lead a healthy and productive life.

straight from the source

Gimmicks Don’t Work When Trying to Lose Weight

There is a vast array of diets and gimmicks being offered that promise great results. These programs only help your wallet lose weight and could actually damage your metabolism. The only truly effective way to lose excess body fat is to change your eating habits and the amount of exercise you get on a regular basis.

Sugar: The Sweet Death

We were thought in school that too much fat and too many calories make us obese. The theory is half right; if we consume too many calories in comparison to what we are burning then yes we will become fat. Fat itself is just an energy source that is compact but does not cause a spike in your blood glucose levels like sugar does.

Most of us are familiar with the rush that we feel when eating a starchy meal. While the feeling is euphoric for a brief moment the consequences can stay with us for a lifetime. When we eat foods that have a high glycemic load it leads to the release of insulin in our blood stream. This insulin leads to the formation of fatty deposits inside our arteries. The reason this happens is insulin is a hormone that tells blood vessels to capture the excess glucose and convert it into fat. Since the cells in the arteries are the first to receive this chemical message from the insulin the majority of the fat forms there.

Ketogenic Dieting

If you go straight from the source of the Ketogenic Diet we would realize that the amount of insulin in our blood stream would be virtually zero. The reason for this is the diet uses a high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrate approach. Since the amount of carbs is very low the body does not have to remove excess glucose from the blood stream. Individuals who follow the Ketogenic diet and get a moderate amount of exercise will have a bikini body in time for summer provided they start the diet ASAP.