Random curiosity on high net worth celebrities satisfied


We all have our favorites. We all have our preferences. And there are different reasons as to why we adore our chosen celebrities. Some of us fancy the girls because they all look so darn pretty. Many of us in this picture frame are hot blooded males –we’ll never admit that we are ogling these days – and some of us were just simply born this way – and these days, more and more of us are coming out with it and saying; to heck with the world, who the heck cares what the rest of the world thinks. And that’s the right attitude to have.

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Others are just so pretentious; they would not dare to go online. They’ll pretend that they’re just old fashioned or old school and don’t know how to operate the tools. Don’t know how to access the internet? Come on, really guys. Nevertheless, their favorites, if they’ll admit this much to you, are rated artistically and in terms of their talent. These folks are genre specific and shudder the thought of going mainstream or popular. They’re into books and such things, but they still have no idea on just how much they are missing out on.

Online information on famous and favorite celebrities can be updated on websites like celebrity net worth wiki at a moment’s notice, if needs be. Pretentious tossers would still have to wait months, if not years, for their favorite celeb’s next published book to come out. And then what? How up to date are they? You’ll be more up to date than them, and it only took you a couple of minutes to pull the info. You can put them off of their game at any dinner party, and you don’t have to be the square-toed toad looking beetroot red.

Speaking of which, beetroot is one of those magical vegetables that are just so good for everyone’s health. Like the rich green avocado pear, a fruit no less, it is loaded with vitamins and iron. There are those of us that are health-conscious. If not that, we’re slowly but surely becoming verifiable health nuts. But we won’t be committed any day soon. Because time is short and money is tight, many of us are getting our health tip-offs from some of our favorite celebrities. We are instantly inspired at the way they managed to transform their lives from whichever unmentionable depths they managed to emerge.

For commercial reasons, no names are being mentioned, but that’s okay too because we already have our own personal preferences and favorites. We visit sites like the one mentioned earlier and we type in the name of our favorite celeb and then – drum roll – all the info is right before our eyes. The bookworms among us that are not old school need to use the net to look up info on our favorite celebrity writers so that we can learn from them and be inspired by them.